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The name Totus has its origins in the Latin word ‘totius’ meaning ‘whole’ and the Finnish word ‘totuus’ meaning ‘truth’. Both concept of wholesomeness and truth are extremely close to my heart and in many ways represent my goals, my values and my fundamental beliefs in life.


Having struggled all my life with my mental health due to a severe childhood trauma, achieving the feeling and the state of wholesomeness has been my biggest personal achievement. And truth has been the bridge that connected a very troubled and painful past with a healthy, optimistic and peaceful present. 

Bust sculpture with porcelain flowers

Totus was born during my journey of recovery and therefore it includes pieces inspired by both shadows and light, peeks and valleys, feelings of doubt and others of victory. Just as any recovery journey mine was full of ups and downs and this is clearly visible in the contrasting materials, textures and designs of Totus.


However one the most prominent aspect of most of my pieces is the persistence and perseverance which is often visible in the various textures obtained by a million of small hand movements. The patience required to bring these designs to fruition is an exercise in mindfulness which is a much needed and always welcome factor in my life. 

Most of my designs are black and white and often present the natural colours of the clay or porcelain I am working with. I love the naked beauty of these materials and the way they bring that veil of truthfulness into my work. My love for black and white on the other hand is simply a reflection of my life, a celebration of both shadows and light. 

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