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Black ceramic salad servers

URANIA | Ceramic salad servers

112,00 €Price
  • The Urania salad servers were hand built with a black stoneware clay. The modern texture was hand pressed in order to obtain this unique and contemporary look. Being hand built these unique salad servers have a particular shape and texture. The black stoneware clay gives a sense of strength and earthiness. 


    The Urania salad servers are part of the Muse collection, named by the muse of dance, song and music. Anybody can agree that eating salad can be boring, no matter how healthy it is. Named by the muse of dance, song and music, this design is meant to add a sense of playfulness to the table and inspire you to use it.


    The Muse collection is hand built in black stoneware clay and is characterized by modern and patiently hand craftedtextures. Being baked on 1240 degrees Celsius this piece is extremely strong, durable and food and dishwasher safe.


    Dimensions :

    approx. 30 cm long (approx. 11.8 inches long)


    Since all of my pieces are handmade no two items will ever be the same. I hope you will appreciate the uniqueness of each piece.

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