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Black contemporary vase

THALIA | Textured vase

465,00 €Price
  • This elegant vase is part of the Muse Collection and it was named Thalia by the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry. This unique vase was featured in British Vogue in August 2021. 

    Thalia has a particular shape as it has a very wide body when seen from the front and a very thin one when seen from the side. It represents the humor of the apparent deception caused by perspective while also symbolizing the age of maturity and acceptance of different points of view.


    The elegant and thin neck contrasts the wide bottom and by doing so accentuates the flower it holds. The neck is pierced and presents several openings which adds the contrast of shadows and light while making the design feel more delicate and airy.


    This design has been hand built and the texture has been carefully hand crafted in order to obtain a perfect balance of classic shapes and modern patterns.


    The Muse collection is hand built in black stoneware clay and baked on 1240 degrees Celsius and therefore extremely strong and resistant.


    Dimensions :

    Approx. 24.5 cm tall x 16.5 cm wide from the front and 8 cm wide from the side (9.6 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide from the front and 3.1 inches wide from the side).

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