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Contemporary vase

SAMPO | Contemporary vase

480,00 €Price
  • Sampo is a black stoneware low vase that is unique in having several entrance points for the flowers which allows to create original and unique flower arrangements. Each flower can have it's own nook and in this was can be celebrated for its individual beauty. 


    Since this piece has such a particular design and texture it can be used as a statement piece on its own.
    In Finnish mythology, Sampo was a magical artifact that brought riches and good fortune to its holder.

    This unique vase is ideal for short stem flowers and low bouquets. The raw black clay is the perfect canvas to celebrate all the beautiful colours of the flowers while still not getting lost in the composition. 

    Sampo was hand-built with black stoneware clay and baked at 1240 degrees Celsius and therefore is extremely strong, resistant and dishwasher safe.

    Dimensions :
    approx. 20 cm wide x 17 cm tall (7.9inches wide x 6.7 inches tall).

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