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Handmade ceramic cereal bowls

ROOTS | Handmade ceramic cereal bowls

70,00 €Price
  • The Roots collection is the most personal collection I’ve created so far as it draws inspiration from my journey of recovery from a life long mental health struggle due to severe childhood trauma. While all my pieces are a reflection of my life experiences, this collection focuses on the healing part of my journey, in which nature played a big role. Moving to Finland allowed me to be surrounded by the most incredible nature and to find in it the space and energy to put the broken pieces of my life back together.

    In my eyes recovery is a journey that lasts a lifetime while also being a state of mind, a daily practice and a commitment one takes with their mind, body and soul. Recovering doesn’t mean letting go of the pain or mending each broken piece but accepting that one can be happy despite it all. Only when I stopped chasing the impossibility of changing the past I could start being present and grounded in my life which allowed me to finally let down ‘roots’.



    The 'Roots' cereal bowls are characterized by the contrasts of the gloss inside and the bare matt outside. The delicate pine trees called ‘mänty’, which are typical of the Finnish landscape, were carefully hand-painted with white porcelain and then glazed with a transparent glaze which adds a magical foggy effect.


    The unglazed areas have a very earthy feel and were purposefully placed where the hands hold the bowl. The glazed areas add a foggy gloss effect which beautifully contrasts the matt ones.



    approx 14  x 15 cm (approx 5.5 x 5.9 inches)

    All the bowls have been hand-built with black stoneware clay, decorated with white porcelain, glazed and fired at 1240°C and therefore are food and dishwasher safe.

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