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Black stoneware hanging planters

ORION | Modern planters

132,50 €Price
  • The Orion planters, named by the most recognizable constellation in the night sky, are part of the Asteria collection.


    The Asteria collection, named by the Greek goddess of Stars, is characterized by as many little indents as there are stars in the sky.


    This virtually infinite texture is a pure exercise of perseverance and patience. Having struggled with my mental health and having had to face some extremely traumatic events in my life I have learnt that sometimes all you can do is take it one tiny step at a time. The perseverance of those tiny steps can cover a very long distance and should never be underestimated.


    Asteria is the personification of this frame of mind and this way of life; the acknowledgment that sometimes the biggest achievements are not some glorious events but a build up of many little steps, a series of small decisions and a number of tiny victories.


    The Orion hanging planters include three different shapes and sizes: The Full Moon shape, the Half Moon shape and the Little Moon. Each planter is hanging on a natural jute rope.


    The Full Moon shape is a fully rounded planter which is suitable for plants that requite more depth for their roots. On the other hand the Half Moon planter is suitable for plants which don’t necessarily require too much soil and tend to thrive in a more shallow pot.  The Little Moon is suitable for all the cute mini plants and is very easy to hang anywhere as it’s lightweight so it doesn’t require a strong support. I like to use the Little Moon for my propagating cuttings.




    Full Moon planter

    Approx. 13.5 cm diameter x 11.5 cm deep (Approx. 5.3 inches diameter x 4.5 inches deep)


    Half Moon planter

    Approx. 17.5 cm diameter x 8 cm deep (Approx. 6.9 inches diameter x 3.1 inches deep)


    Little moon planter

    Approx. 10.5 cm diameter x 4.5 cm deep (Approx. 4.1 inches diameter x 1.8 inches deep)

    Since all of my pieces are handmade no two items will ever be the same. I hope you will appreciate the uniqueness of each piece.

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