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Black stoneware planter

ONYX | Stoneware planter

55,00 €Price
  • The Onyx design was inspired by my love for cactuses. I didn’t know I was a plant person until I fell in love with cactuses and succulents so it seemed only logical to create a planter that would celebrate these plants by literally elevating them from the surface.


    This simple yet impactful design has been hand built with a black stoneware clay which gives a strong sense of earthiness and strength. The naturally black colour of this design allows the plant colours to shine while still making a statement. The spikes, besides being decorative, serve the purpose of elevating the pot from the surface and giving a feeling of levitation and therefore adding the sense of lightness to an otherwise sharp and edgy design.


    The larger size is more suitable for plants that don’t need much root depth while the smaller design allows the roots to dive deeper.

    The Onyx collection is hand built in black stoneware clay and baked on 1240 degrees Celsius and therefore extremely strong, resistant and dishwasher safe.



    Big planter

    Approx 14.5 cm  (approx 5.7 inches diameter)

    Small planter

    Approx 10.5 cm (approx 4.1 inches diameter)

    Since all of my pieces are handmade no two items will ever be the same. I hope you will appreciate the uniqueness of each piece.

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