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Black ceramic serving dish set

MARGO | Serving dish set

352,50 €Price
  • Margo is a collection of elegant tableware that blends modern shapes, unique textures and captivating glaze contrasts. 


    This serving dish set includes a serving plate, three serving bowls or cups and three spoons. The serving plate has a unique and modern texture that was carefully hand moulded. The black glossy glaze emphasizes the ribs of the texture while being a beautiful dark canvas for the rose coloured cups. The handmade spoons complement the dish with the same black glaze. The cups have a modern three corner shape and are glazed with a rose quartz shade. The rose glaze presents tiny darker specs that add a layer of complexity to this sensual colour.  


    Margo is a collection that represents the more feminine side of me which loves fashion, style and colour. I often celebrate the raw beauty of the clays I'm working with however sometimes playing with colours and glazes allows me to tap into a more playful and joyful part of me.


    The Margo collection is hand-built with earthware clay, glazed and baked at 1050 degrees Celsius and therefore is food and dishwasher safe. 


    Dimensions :

    Serving plate: approx. 29.5 cm long x 15.5 cm wide  (approx. 11.6 inches long x 6.1 inches wide)

    Cups: approx. 6.5 cm tall x 7 cm wide (approx. 2.6 inches tall x 2.7 inches wide)

    Spoons: approx. 11 cm long (approx. 4.3 inches long)

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