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Black Stoneware Vase

LYRA | Black texture vase

280,00 €Price
  • This uniquely textured stoneware vase has been hand built and carefully hand crafted in order to obtain a unique balance of detail texture and simple and elegant shape. The wide rounded bottom contrasts the earthy black stoneware clay adding a soft touch to this one of a kind vase.


    This design is part of the Asteria collection and is called Lyra, named by the constellation representing an ancient musical instrument. The different and contrasting elements of this vase, such as the detailed and dense texture, the earthy black clay and the minimalist shape, seem to blend together creating a perfectly balanced symphony.

    This virtually infinite texture is a pure exercise of perseverance and patience while at the same time being highly relaxing and therapeutic. Having struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks for most of my life I have had to work hard to find ways to cope and to bring some calmness and serenity in my daily life. I quickly learnt that repetitive and detailed work was extremely beneficial to me as it helped me to take one breath at a time while grounding me in the present moment. Detailed textures as this one became a sort of mindfulness exercise which I can always turn to in days when I feel I need a little help to let go of the tension and to feel grounded in the present.


    The whole Asteria collection is hand built in black stoneware clay and baked at 1240 degrees Celsius and therefore extremely strong, resistant and dishwasher safe.



    Approx. 16 cm tall x 13 cm wide from the front and 11 cm wide from the side (6.3 inches tall x 5.3 inches wide from the front and 4.3 inches wide from the side)

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