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Handmade espresso cups

LULL | Espresso cups

70,00 €Price
Cup set colours
  • The Lull mugs are a collection of hand built mugs and cups characterised by a hand crafted texture that presents two different effects on the outside and the inside of the mug. The outside of the cups presents a number of little nooks which capture the glaze in a beautiful way. The inside presents the bubble effect of the same texture creating this beautiful pattern to look at while drinking your espresso or macchiato. 


    This listing includes a set of two espresso cups which come in an aubergine and a rose quartz colour. 


    This collection was called Lull as the word itself means 'a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity. I am an extremely habitual person so I cannot start my day without a big cup of my favourite ginger and lemon tea just like most people cannot start their day without their coffee. I find that drinking tea or coffee is a ritual as it calls for slowing down, holding the hot cup with caution and taking your time to enjoy the moment.


    These cups were created with this slow, calming ritual in mind. The outside texture is meant to let your fingers land in the little nooks while the inside texture captures the attention allowing your mind to stay still while you gaze at the mesmerizing pattern.


    The Lull cups are hand-built with earthware clay, glazed and baked at 1050 degrees Celsius and therefore are food and dishwasher safe. 


    approx 7 cm tall x 5.5 cm wide (2.7 inches x 2.1 inches)

    90 mm (3 oz)


    Since all of my pieces are handmade no two items will ever be the same. I hope you will appreciate the uniqueness of each piece.

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