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Contemporary low vase

LOTUS | Contemporary low vase

470,00 €Price
  • Lotus is a black stoneware vase that is characterized by a carefully handcrafted modern texture. Its ribs and edges are slightly shinier than the rest of the matt black design elevating the contrast and the beauty of the pattern.
    As a lover of both yoga and meditation, I named this piece Lotus, which besides being a familiar yoga position, is a Buddhist word symbolizing purity, grace and spiritual growth. This circular design gives a sense of completeness and centredness while its low centre of gravity adds a feeling of being grounded. 
    All my work is closely related to my personal journey with mental health and my road to recovery. Meditation was an important tool which helped me immensely in managing my panic attacks and lowering my anxiety levels. This vase was inspired by the feelings of being centred and grounded which became stepping stones for developing coping skills which would last for a lifetime. 
    This unique vase is ideal for short stem flowers and low bouquets. The raw black clay is the perfect canvas to celebrate all the beautiful colours of the flowers while still not getting lost in the composition. 
    Lotus was hand-built with black stoneware clay and baked at 1240 degrees Celsius and therefore is extremely strong, resistant and dishwasher safe.
    Dimensions :
    approx. 25 cm wide x 17 cm tall (9.8 inches wide x 6.7 inches tall).

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