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Black ceramic vase

KALI | Contemporary vase

380,00 €Price
  • This design was one of those that I created without a plant, blueprint or any clear intention. I started hand-building “something” and just allowed the clay to guide me and to explore things I haven’t tried before. I love challenging the material I’m working with and pushing it to the limit. Once the design started defying gravity and started nearly falling apart I finally found my vision. This piece would do exactly what was not expected from it, defy gravity and keep standing despite all odds. It took a considerate effort to help this design push through all the challenges that gravity presents but I was determined to make it stand tall, and so it did. 


    The result was this proudly tall design with the most interesting curves and angles that truly seem to defy gravity. The sense of power, strength and triumph this piece inspires truly made me think of my own journey of defying all odds in my long battle with my mental health resulting from severe childhood trauma. There were times I felt I was the thing that was falling apart and had to defy all odds to stand back on my own feet. I sometimes fell, often buckled under pressure but never stopped persevering and I always found my way back up, against all odds. 


    Naming this particular vase was extremely important for me as this piece truly embodies all my struggles in life and represents my ability to finally stand tall, against all odds. So I named her Kali, as the Hindu goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction and Power. In spite of her seemingly scary form, Kali is considered one of the kindest and most loving Hindu goddesses as her earliest appearance is that of a destroyer of evil forces.


    All my work is part of my personal life journey but this one, in particular, is extremely personal. I love how it spills, curves and bends in ways that seem against every rule of gravity. The black colour and the textured surface add to the sense of empowerment and confidence. I dedicate this piece to whoever had to defy all odds in order to stand back up on their feet, and all those who are still trying to do so.


    This piece doesn’t conform to any rule or reason and that’s the beauty of it.


    Kali was hand-built in black stoneware clay and baked at 1240 degrees Celsius and therefore extremely strong, resistant and dishwasher safe.


    Approx. 26.5 cm tall x 15.5 cm wide (10.5 inches tall x 6.1 inches wide)

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