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Empowering sculpture 

THE RISE | Empowering sculpture

840,00 €Price
  • This powerful sculpture, named "The rise", is my personal ode to all the strong women around the world. It symbolizes power, persistence, courage, rebirth, recovery, and the sheer determination one has to have to rise again, against all odds.


    The inspiration for this deeply meaningful sculpture came from my own journey of recovery and the long and strenuous battle with my mental health that nearly took my life. I had to fight to get back my own identity, and this piece is the physical representation of the effort it took to rise up.


    This piece is charged with emotion and meaning and it will without a doubt add a sense of power and strength to any space it will inhabit.


    Since this is such a unique piece I don't plan on replicating this design so it will forever stay as one of a kind.


    The sculpture has been hand built with black stoneware clay and fired at 1240 degrees Celsius.


    Dimensions :

    approx. 22 cm tall x 17 cm wide x 17 cm deep (8.6 inches tall x 6.7 inches tall x 4.3 inches deep).

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