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Black Sculpture with White Porcelain Flowers

AZRA | Contemporary sculpture

950,00 €Price
  • Azra, a derivative from Azraelle, the goddess of life, death and rebirth, was created as my celebration of a new life after my recovery.


    This piece was created in a moment of total acceptance, peace and stillness which is something I hope to pass onto whoever decides to adorn their environment with this unique sculpture.


    Stillness is something I learnt over many years; definitely not something I was naturally gifted with. After many years of struggles with mental health achieving moments of stillness was a huge blessing and a true achievement in my life.


    This sculpture has been hand built with a black stoneware clay and baked at 1240 degrees Celsius. The elegant flowers have been handmade with white porcelain which is so beautifully accentuated by the contrast against the earthy black colour of the sculpture.


    This piece presents elements of strength, elegance and mindfulness, all aspects I so often see in the beautiful women in my life who inspire me.



    approx. 19.5 cm wide x 17 cm tall x 11 cm deep (7.6 inches wide x 6.7 inches tall x 4.3 inches deep).

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