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White Porcelain Candle Holder

AURORA | Translucent candle holder

132,50 €Price
  • Aurora is a collection of porcelain candle holders which, thanks to their beautiful translucent nature, illuminate the darkness with a strong golden light.


    The inspiration for this collection, as for all my work, came from my personal battle with mental health and childhood trauma. I used to fear the darkness and the night in particular and desperately awaited for the sunrise to wash away my fears. These candle holders represent the dawn, the so longed for light in the darkness and the end of fear.


    These AURORA candle holders, names by the goddess of dawn, when lit in the dark, look like little balls of fire, sources of the most magical glowing golden light.


    These elegant and delicate designs have been hand built with white porcelain which beautifully presents its translucency in each carefully crafted nook of light. Being baked at 1200 degrees Celsius they are very strong despite their delicate esthetic.



    Large candle holder

    approx 12.5 cm tall x 12.5 cm wide (5 inches tall x 5 inches wide)


    Medium candle holder

    approx 9 cm tall x 10 cm wide (3.5 inches tall x 3.9 inches wide)


    Small candle holder

    approx 8.5 cm tall x 7 cm wide (3.3 inches tall x 2.7 inches wide)


    Since all of my pieces are handmade no two items will ever be the same. I hope you will appreciate the uniqueness of each piece.

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