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Penguin sculpture 

ANIMA penguin | Penguin sculpture

490,00 €Price
  • The Anima collection is a limited edition dedicated to the inner child each of us carries within. The Anima sculptures represent the often slumped and troubled adult and the joyous and full of life inner child. The contrast between the black, matt clay of the adult and the white glossy porcelain of the inner child emphasizes the differences between the two while at the same time reminding they are all part of the same body and soul. 


    Anima, meaning 'soul' in Italian, focuses on acknowledging the inner child and understanding its true meaning and purpose. This all too often neglected part of our being can paradoxically be the most powerful driving force of our life. While holding our deepest fears and insecurities the inner child is also the key to our power, self-esteem and a sense of safety in our own bodies. 


    As most of my work, the Anima collection is inspired by my personal journey of recovery. Mental health has been, and always will be, an important aspect of my life and work. With my art, I hope to raise awareness about mental health problems and the importance of talking about it as an integral part of our wellbeing. 


    All the Anima sculptures have been hand-built with black stoneware clay and white porcelain and fired at 1240 degrees Celsius.


    Anima Penguin Dimensions :

    approx. 11 cm tall x 7 cm wide x 9 cm deep (4.3 in tall x 2.7 in wide x 3.5 in deep)

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